Thursday, September 01, 2005

I had a good name all picked out...

And now I can't remember it. Maybe I have forgotten, while reading all of your blogs what witty thing I was going to say...

I just sent out all my notices for my fall dance classes. Time to get those little toes signing up and the money rolling in (*sigh*). The brothers are coming up here next week. Funny how things work out. I invited Jordan to come up and go on a bike hike with ME. Now Doug, Evan and Jordan are coming and I am looking after Doug's kids. How did that happen exactly? Ah well, I am REALLY looking forward to having neices and nephews come visit my house for the first time - expecially cuddly Mary!

So Amy, where is our story? Lets get it done before the memory is too faded to be like it really was any more. If you are not ready, you can pass it on to Laura or Katie.

We had a family meeting on Sunday. A very good meeting it was, too. We are getting organized. Everyone chose a night to make dinner and a couple of days to clean the kitchen. I have been loving eating food others have prepared. Dean made smokies and caesar salad; Drew made hamburgers and corn on the cob; and Kaetlyn tried out a new recipe from her cook book - garden burritos last night. I haven't even cooked yet this week. I love it! It really needed to be done - this organization. A load has been lifted off my back. I try to do too much and I deprive them of feeling their own effectiveness. They have been blossoming, really. I am looking forward to this going on.

Well, I had better go get my own chores done!

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