Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A New Post

I know, I know... An update... I have been trying to come up with something to write about over the last couple of days. But no ideas. Rhiannon didn't get any sores - just had a fever for a day and low energy for the next couple. So I don't know if that is it or if more is coming.

Getting started on our homeschooling - this is our first year with Self-Design and there is so much to learn. We are supposed to be making our learning plans for the year this week. I always find that so daunting. I get over ambitious and then don't accomplish and feel bad or apply pressure to get it all done at the last minute... (If you are interested at all, Katie, check it out at It is based on the Wondertree school in Vancouver started by Brent Cameron. The whole premise is based on 'emergent learning' so the learning plan is very flexible and can change as often as I want it to - how can you predict what will emerge? But I still hate learning plans - I've been traumatized.

Drew started guitar lessons yesterday. He's taken piano for the last 3 years with an awesome teacher (Rhiannon is starting with her this year). But he wanted a change and I think he will like guitar a lot. The teacher is a man with 5 kids who homeschools as well - Christians by the look of the books in their bookcase - John Phillips. I liked him and so did Drew. I think this will be good for him to have a man. He is ordering his own guitar from a place in the Kootenays that gives Dean good deals. In the meantime, he is using Dean's guitar.

We are supposed to go to a homeschooling playgroup this morning but it is wet and it is a looong walk so I am undecided. If I am going, I had better leave soon. It would be good to go as I don't know a lot of other homseschoolers and apparantly there are lots of new people who just started this year. Could be good.

I've been busy putting out advertising for the Inner Worlds School - the classes that I am teaching. But I'm afraid that I got my advertising out too late and I won't get enough people. Right now I have one or two kids registered in every class - not enough to run it and it supposed to start next week. I'm angry at myself for not getting it out there sooner. And hoping and praying that it will work out. I really want it to!

So, that is what has been going on in my life - nothing too amusing. Today is Rhiannon's 5th birthday and we are having the family party this evening. Erin is coming and Dean's parents. We're bbq'ing.

Busy Chick out.

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