Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The First Day of School

Well, today is the first day of school here. Kaetlyn trotted off on the bus this morning over to her high school - excited and happy in her new clothes and looking forward to her classes (must be a gene from Phil's side). She was a bit nervous and made me phone the bus people to confirm her bus route.

Well, it is official, I have been invaded by neices and nephews. Right now after a pancake breakfast, Madeleine and Rhiannon are in the bath washing their hair; Caleb and Joshie are playing nintendo - some car racing thing and they are talking to their cars as though they are alive and yelling to their opponents as though it would make a difference; Mary is in my lap doing a whiney song thing. She wanted to have a bath with Rhi and Madeleine (I don't know how she spells it - I'll have to learn) but I wouldn't let her as she already bathed first thing this morning. I did the curly girl thing with her hair - not sure if Delanie does it or not. All that and it is only 9am. 1 week ago we would just be getting bleerily out of bed....

Last night we went to Davidson Orchards - an 'agri-tourism' place. They have apple and pear orchards (since 1933) and corn and berries, pumkins, tomatoes and peppers and melons and farm animals you can pet and feed and a farm theme playground. We didn't get to stay for long but they had fun and I bought corn for supper and a case of apples. Apples fresh of the tree at this time of year are soooo delicious! The boys went to bed pretty easily last night. Rhiannon and Maddy had a more difficult time. Mary was full of beans as she slept all the way here so I ended up getting her up again until she fell asleep beside me. She somehow got pee all over her little bed (Rhiannon's old toddler bed). How does she do this? Her diaper was still in tact. Madeleine says it happens a lot at home. Which reminds me, I have to buy more laundry soap...

I was thinking of taking them to Kelowna today to hear Dean's band play outside at UBC-O (doesn't that sound dumb? [the name, I mean] Like it is a phrase out of Old McDonald...) but I am not convinced. Or mayby I'm just tired? I was up late last night working on the promo for the classes for the Inner World School which are scheduled to start in 2 weeks.

Well, that's all for now.

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