Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Feathered Friends

Chicken coop is on the agenda for this week end. My friend, Sheila, who is my handyman is coming from Calgary with her saws and tools to make my coop. In the meantime Rhiannon and I started this today in hopes of hatching some of our very own feathered friends. The odds of these eggs working is stacked against us. Some of the eggs we had for too long before the incubator arrangements were made (previous arrangements didn't turn out). And the other eggs although fresh and fertilized have been washed which is not a good thing when it comes to hatching. We are just a couple of days outside the range for our first eggs. So we sang some healing chants and handled them each with love. We filled the entire incubator with 42 eggs - as much as it would hold. Hopefully some will hatch...

Rest well, sweet eggs, may the miracle of life begin within you!


Mary-Sue said...

oh! HOW i hope they hatch!! i'll sing healing/hatching chants your way. he he
how about asking your egg lady for some unwashed eggs?

katie said...

i remember when you did that in terrace. it was a cool thing to see. although i think maybe you didn't let us do much with them--you were a bit oler sisterish about it all.