Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Purolator just left... Kaetlyn's pump is here....... Kaetlyn's pump is here! Oh my God! Kaetlyn's pump is here.... we really did it!

Oh thank you! Thank you everyone! Thank you Mary Sue and Monique for urging me on, for your support for all your time and efforts. Most of all, thank you for your love and care of my daughter. And thank you Marty for getting us started with $1000 on the very first day of our fund raising. Thank you Lynn and Jill and Julie. And thank you Century 21 - Carla and everyone there. And the Alliance Church who finished off our donations with $1,200.

Oh my God! It is here. We really did it!
Look here is the pump. (I'll let Kaetlyn open the box when she gets home... I just opened the parcel)

And here is the sensor.

And you know what the package of instructions says? "Enclosed in this package you will find materials to help you change your life with your MiniMed insulin pump."

You all did that. You changed my daughter's life with your belief in her and with your time and efforts. And with your love. Do you know what a relief that is to my mother's heart? It has been a burden I have carried mostly alone since Feb 23, 1999. When you have a child with an incurable disease, you never forget it and you worry about what they need about what their life will be like. I can tell you that burden is so much lighter today - to see how much other people love her and care about her and give her real tangible support that she needs. Thank you for sharing my burden.

Are there words for that?

Oh my God! The pump is here!

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Dragonflydownunder said...

That is SO fantastic!! May she have a happy healthy life!