Sunday, June 17, 2007

What I Love About Him

My relationships have taken a rather circuitous route. I've learned and grown and changed a lot. One of the consequences of all that evolving was that I ended up alone, a single parent to three children. Dean and I have been together for almost 10 years now. He is the love of my life and we have had some great times and we have learned and grown a lot together. One of the greatest challenges in our life together has been the step-parenting aspect. It has been challenging for all involved - for my kids who sometimes want things from him they don't get - for him who sometimes gets pushed beyond what he ever thought he would - for me who is always in the middle, loving them both, sometimes more than they love each other...

But this week end is not a time like that. This week end Dean and Drew have gone camping together. It wasn't my idea. I didn't nag or drop hints. The only thing I did was book the campsite at Dean's request. The planned the food, they packed the food, the tent and everything else they needed with excitement and anticipation. We all watched the weather forcast and as it got worse and worse as the week progressed, I thought for sure they would cancel. But they both knew that it would be almost impossible to reschedule and they would not get to do it this summer. So even in the rain, they packed up. It was sunny when I dropped them off. I left them there at Ellison, both of them with huge grins. I laughed and said they were just so glad to get away from me!

It started raining pretty early in the evening. But Dean called to say they had decided to stay anyways and have an adventure. So I am leaving shortly to go and collect them this Father's Day morning, with my heart full of love for both of them.


Mary-Sue said...

OH! That's SO good! Good on them both, hardy adventurous men that they are!! Love this heartwarming post!

Sarahstottle said...

yes, I can imagine that some aspects of step-parenting would be difficult. Im glad it doesnt have to stay that way.