Monday, June 11, 2007

Gardening Surprises

Rhiannon and I were a bit shocked to see what had sprouted in the pot with her pomegranate. We transplanted it a couple of weeks ago and she wanted to keep it in her room beneath her skylight. Then the other evening when we went in there, we glanced over there and there was a rather large visitor... I think it is a zucchini.... I guess we'll find out when it bears fruit, anyways. (It will go into the garden today...)

Here it is from above...

And here is another surprise. When we moved in here, there were flower beds surrounding the house and then two large flower beds in the lawn - one on the east side of the house and one on the north. None of them had been tended to for sometime. At least a year but maybe longer. I focussed my energy on making my vegetable beds and on rehabilitating the beds around the house last year. This year, I have been focussing on rehabilitating the flower bed to the north of the house - the one with the gorgeous poppies. Turns out it is mostly full of peonies which are very happy with the care they are getting. And I planted some flowers given to me by my friend, Karen. And there was this one plant that I wasn't sure what it was. Looked like it would be some kind of daisy. I carefully made sure I didn't kill it (unlike the peonies - I tried to kill all but 2 of those but they all survived and flourished... maybe peonies are masochisitic and like that, I don't know). Anyways, I nurtured this plant and as it got taller and taller, I looked forward to seeing what flowers it would have. And then... and then... it turned out to be a weed! Huge plant with small white flowers.... I'm still laughing... the jokes on me, after all. I'm sure the peonies are getting a kick out of it! (and Laura, I know you are laughing the 'you deserve it' kind of laugh right now!)

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Mary-Sue said...

aaah. not just any weed, but a horrible terribly invasive weed. pull! fast! get the root! don't let it go to seed! i loved those weeds the first year i moved here and i will pay for it the rest of the time i live here! aaagh!