Friday, June 08, 2007

To Warm a Mother's Heart

Last night after returning on a high from our dance recital and winding down at home with my 2 girls (Dean on the road and Drew at a friend's house), I was on the computer blogging and Rhiannon wanted a cuddle. Kaetlyn went to give her a cuddle and when I went upstairs shortly after, here is what I found.

I wish I could have captured the golden light from my bedside lamp that seemed to surround them with grace, or the murmured conversations about Rhiannon's amazing performance and gentle teasing and joking that I overheard on my way up the stairs.

Truly a sight that warms a mother's heart - two sisters in each other's arms - my two loves, loving each other.

It could lead to a dissertation on the true cause of adolescent malaise and for me to expound on how when we feel loved and supported and needed and valued, that it is so much easier to be loving to those around us and how teenagerhood is too often a time of estrangement, marginalization, judgement and impotency.

And I could go on about the shift I have seen in Kaetlyn since we first started this whole pump fundraising thing and she got to feel so loved and supported and seen and valued by those around her.

But I'll just leave you with this photo and the tale of my full heart!


beetlemack said...

that's a priceless pic

Mary-Sue said...

absolutely beautiful. warms my heart too. what a mum you are!!! said...

that is very sweet.

katie said...

life is much better when my girls are being loving to each other.