Thursday, August 25, 2005

Grateful, VERY Grateful

I am very grateful to still be the mother of a living 18 year old. Erin had a terrible accident on her way to work just after noon. She was crossing traffic and was slowing pulling out and someone didn't see her and bashed into her full force without breaking. If she hadn't been wearing her seatbelt, she would probably be dead. Her car was completely totalled. She is okay - just bruised. I took her to out Dr this afternoon and he checked her out thoroughly and documented all her injuries. She doesn't have whiplash but her shoulders are sore and she has a gigantic bruise on her shin just below her knee and various other small scrapes, burns and bruises - mostly from the seatbelt.

The tow truck driver that came to collect the car wouldn't let her take anything of her personal belongings from the car - like her CD's and her novel and clothing. Weird. I am going to kick some tow-truck driver butt tomorrow! He said something about having to clear it with ICBC first. Right. Like they somehow insure her personal belongings?! I just hope they don't have some scam going where they clean out cars like that for their own personal gain...

Well, that event has rather over shadowed my entire day. I am so glad she is okay. Can you imagine if she wasn't? That she could have been taken from me so quickly, so unexpectedly and unpreparedly. I am so grateful I didn't have to experience that today...

Before that, I arranged to teach some dance classes in Kelowna in the fall. Weird that my dance classes are so popular - it is just something I did for a lark because I love dancing so much. And little kids are such innate amazing dancers.

I'm tired tonight. Too much excitement. I think I am off to bed.


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