Thursday, August 04, 2005

"New blog please!"

I had slowed down on my writing for 2 reasons. One is that there were so few comments that I thought I must be very boring, despite your reassurances to the contrary. The second is that I have company.

My best friend is here from Calgary. Her name is Ronni and she has a daughter Megan who is 2 years older than Rhi (and is the source of all those great clothes, Katie). We met in Winnipeg and served in the YW's together which is where we began to be friends. She was in Winnipeg working on her PhD and teaching at the Universities. She left for Grand Prarie and we became best friends through e-mail. We have been taking in the sun together and just doing lazy things. We've had dinner at the beach and stuff like that. Today we are thinking of the water slides but we are not totally sure as Rhi and Meg stayed up too late and got up too early - not interested in taking crabby, disobedient girls to a place like that. It would be miserable for moms.

The local paper did an article about the Inner World School yesterday. It was a disappointment to me. We had given them our booklet with the list of our summer programs and then we had written up a little thing in addition. They like you to do that at our paper - it saves them having to interview you. And that way one can have more thoughtful answers to questions instead of sounding dumb. But! The editor of the lifestyles section in which we were to be featured is in the midst of a Chinese adoption and it is summer and she just got lazy, I think. She just published the thing we wrote 'in addition' and she has it as being by me.... So it looks like I am tooting my own horn, for one. And for another, it doesn't mention anything specific about upcoming programs or workshops. Argh! Rather embarrassing, to boot! But there is a nice picture (which I took and submitted) and you can check it out at - in the lifestyles section. Tell me what you think. How bad does it look?

Had the missionaries for lunch yesterday as they are currently not allowed to have DA's. No one is feeding them and I just always have had a soft spot for missionaries. They are so sincere and I always think of my brothers and sisters who have been out there and I have hoped that someone was feeding them. I made tacos and they really ate a lot! Poor, hungry missionaries! It truly is weird though, to see missionaries now young enough to be my children...

Drew and I have left Kaetlyn behind with Harry Potter. She has gone for the week to Dean's sister's place in Kamloops and there is no way we can wait. This book seems different from the rest. We just finished the chapter where you find out what Lord Voldemort was like when he was picked up at the orphanage by Dumbledore. This book seems more mysterious than the rest. I am also reading a book called 'Blink' - nonfiction. Very interesting - it is about how the brain works (I think you would like it, Laura). It is short and easy to read. It is about how we make snap decisions. Fascinating.

Well, there is my update. Sadly not as funny as Laura and not as dreamy as Sarah and not as full of interesting bits as Beth and Amy... But this is happy chick out.

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