Sunday, August 21, 2005

Shorter Days

Sadly, you have all been commenting on each other's posts but not on mine... But just in case you might be reading, I will post again. Ronni will read it eventually, anyway.

I hate it when the days start getting shorter. I don't think I would like living in California where the days are all about the same length. I love the long, hot, lazy days of summer. Now it is dark by 7:30 and serves as a reminder that it may be hot now but it won't last and soon the days will be cool and short. I love summer. Every year some illogical part of me, hopes and wishes that this year it will last a little longer...

The Courage workshop was very enjoyable. Some ladies who I like but don't get to see very often came from Calgary. It was fun to see them again. Our little classroom was packed and we used every single last chair we had besides the 20 we rented. I actually had to sit on a chair in the hallway just outside the door. I really didn't mind that as it was cooler out there. Bozenka was in fine form and it was a well spent afternoon. Then last night Kaetlyn, Drew and I cooked up corn on the cob (again) and bbq'ed chicken together, quickly cleaned up and then watched Guess Who. It was good just to hang out together and laugh at the movie.

I finished reading a novel - Rockbound by Frank Parker Day. It was really good. It is set on Nova Scotia's south banks and all the dialogue is in the quaint local dialect. I had a client once who was from there and spent his whole life after dropping out of highschool at 13 on the fishing boats and he talked just like that so it was easy to hear it in my head. It is a good story, too. I heard it first on CBC. I highly recommend it. I finished Harry Potter, too. On my own, though, so I am still reading it to Drew. Although some cousins gave him a heads up on the terrible ending which kind of ruins it for him.

All my focus now is on planning the fall schedule for the Inner World School. We have generated a lot of interest in all our classes. It is going to be busy.

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