Monday, August 29, 2005

yucky japanese feet things

The lady who owns the place in Kelowna where I am going to be doing my dance classes gave me these things that go on the bottom of your feet while you are sleeping. They are from Japan and have some weird name that I can't remember. The point is that they 'detoxify' the body of 'heavy metals' through the lymphatic system - through the accupressure points on your feet. There are these little sachets of stuff - herbs and dirivatives of Birch trees - and you tape them to the arches of your feet for 10 hours and they draw 'gook' out of your system. So I put them on my feet and Dean's last night to try them out. You have to put socks over top - dark socks so they don't stain your sheets.

For starters, sleeping with socks on is torture for my burning feet. I didn't need any other blankets at all as I was so hot from my feet. Secondly, it was very uncomfortable. My ankles ached and it felt funny on my feet. Sure enough in the morning it was full of brown gooky stuff. Mine weren't especially full, though. Dean's were over flowing. It didn't bother him at all, either. I don't know that I would do that again - maybe a little too powerful for me. It makes sense that Dean's were more full as he takes more toxins into his body than I do (coffee, alcohol, etc.) Your are supposed to apply them for 30 days in a row or until it stops drawing gook out of you. No way could I do that. Maybe in the winter with the window open...

Another bad's night sleep. In addition to the uncomfortableness of my feet, Rhiannon and Drew were sleeping out in the tent in the yard last night. A thunder storm roared in between 3 and 4 in the morning. The lightening must have been striking very close as it was SO loud right outside my bedroom window. So again, up in the middle of the night. When, when will I get to SLEEP through the whole night?! When?

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