Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Coming of the Light

I love this time of year for the same reason I don't like fall. I don't like autumn because it means the shortening of days and the coming of the winter cold. Oddly, I love it when it gets past solstice and I know the days are getting longer, minute by minute, everyday. And we have had days of glorious sunshine here instead of our usual 'valley bottom cloud'. Not every day but every other day or so. The returning of the light. Here is Rhiannon in the sunshine with the cats. I was inspired to offer this from my enthusiasm at the Inner World School:

Welcoming the Light – A Candle Making Workshop for Children (ages 6 – 10)

As the days get longer a minute everyday, we welcome the light. This will be a day of science – studying the meaning of the solstice and the return of sunlight to different indiginous cultures around the world. We will also study the properties of different kinds of wax and how they move from solid to liquid and back to solid. We will make candles and light them with our wishes and intentions for the New Year. There will be playing, learning, wishing and magic!

Date: Saturday, January 27, 1:00 – 4:00pm
Cost: $30 ($7 for members)
Place: Inner World School, 3306B – 32 Ave, Vernon, BC
Facilitator: Andrea Clarke

To register call 503-5416 (Andrea) or e-mail

In a month it will be time to plant seeds in anticipation of our gardens. Tomato seeds and basil seeds and cucumber seeds and zucchini seeds and cantaloupe seeds and pepper seeds, and, and, and. I can hardly wait. Soon I will be buying soil and and peat pots. I couldn't hold myself back at Swan Lake Nursery Land yesterday. I bought these sprouts - Irises. I hope they are purple.... (and that, Laura, would be my photo of the day...)

And for some real fun, check out this video clip on YouTube that Rhiannon made with her new camera of our crazy cats...

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