Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome 2007

Well, I have been busy doing my rituals to release the old year and make room for the new. I've cleaned my oven, swept and washed my floors, washed walls and windows. Clearing away last year's energy. Our computer decided to get in on the act and the hard drive packed it in on the 29th. I am hoping the data can be retrieved but it appears that we will be acquiring a new computer for the new year... so posts and comments might be a little scarce...

I spent New Year's Eve with my husband. Redfish played Monashees this year so we got to spend New Years together which we usually don't get to do. I probably prefer a quiet contemplative New Year's Eve but it was wonderful to be with Dean. They played wonderfully, the food was great and the company fun. We got home at 4am to a house Kaetlyn had cleaned spotlessly (she's got to get a life!). She had a couple of friends over, Andrew babysat for friends and Rhiannon spent the night at her grandparents.

I am looking forward to 2007. 7 is my number after all. I was born the the 7th day of the 7th month. I found the courage to finally leave my abusive 1st husband in 1987. I met Dean in 1997. What great thing will happen this year?

So at this time of contemplation, I am so grateful for my life. For Dean who supports me and challenges me and makes our marriage worth it. For my children who I am so thankful to know and who have inspired the greatest growth in my life. For our wonderful homeschooling community. For my friends. My life is full and rich and I am so very grateful for it. Happy New Year everyone!


bum.by.the.sea said...

hhhhhhhhhhappy new year!

Mary-Sue said...

hey! great to read you and hope you're back soon with a new and improved computer!
happiest of new year's to you, too! i'm grateful to have you in my life!

Dragonflydownunder said...

007 will be a super year!!