Monday, January 15, 2007


So the Dr's office called today to make an appointment to go over the results of the radiologists report (which is sure to be inaccurate) on my x-rays. And the Dr can't fit me in until Thursday afternoon. I hate waiting. And it is such senseless waiting anyways because no radiologist or orthopaedic surgeon around here is going to know what to do and it will all have to be referred to Dr Gross in Toronto anyways. But I have to go through all this first. And in the meantime I'm doing a lot of sitting... Luckily I have something to do to keep my hands busy. Here are 3 partly finished hats soon to be for sale here. Which is good because its hard to canvas for washing windows on crutches... Would you hire someone to wash your windows who came to your door on crutches? Doesn't really bode well...

Here is my picture of the day. This is Rhiannon skating on the rink that our neighbours made in their backyard. We just bought those skates on Friday and they haven't been sharpened yet but she just won't stay out of them long enough for me to get them sharpened! (picture courtesy of Andrew - thanks, bud!)

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