Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And Happy New Year

It was one of my favourite kinds of New Year's. Dean was gone (that wasn't the favourite part) to play in Radium so it was just me and the kids. New Year's Eve we scoured the house and made goodies. Kaetlyn had a friend over (Drew couldn't find one who didn't have plans), Rhiannon had a long nap. We made pizza from scratch and played scrabble (here called squabble) while we ate it. Then we watched Beverly Hills Ninja which I hadn't seen - so we had some good laughs. We mixed up the first of the saft that we made in the summer from elderberry blossoms (it was SO good!). And then we played Sorry to bring in the New Year. We wished Happy New Year and fell into clean beds (and well, I had to sweep the floor in my bedroom because I couldn't start the New Year with a dirty floor...)

We also had some time for this. Is that jumps made out of snow? Why yes, it is. Is that my son flying over them? Why, yes, yes it is. And that is me not having a coronary taking the picture. What can I say? I am just happy they are not in my garden.

And New Year's Day had us playing more games but of the online sort. Rhiannon got a Webkinz for Christmas and we have all had fun looking after her virtual pet. Here Andrew is helping her earn more money on the arcade games.

And me? I spent some time writing in my journal and reflecting on the new beginning. My word for this year is EFFORT. Last year it was DISCIPLINE. And this year I will be contemplating/learning/studying/doing more about this aspect of discipline. Effort as opposed to struggle. I think for most of my life, effort has been equated with struggle. Lots to think about and you can be sure I will write more about it! But now it is light out and it is time to go let the chickens out and collect the eggs!


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