Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Symbol for the New Year

I have a series of posts bumping about in my head but I haven't had a chance to write about them because I have been consumed by the homeschooling ski program. I volunteered to organize it and when I called the ski hill to make arrangements, I said we would be 10 - 20 people. Well, 2 other places that organize homeschooling skiing are not this year so I am organizing this for 120 people instead. It became a fulltime job the last few days. But the dust has settled, the paper work has been sent in and there is a lull until Thursday when we actually go for our first day of skiing.

And so I have a chance to post this blog that I have been meaning to since Jan 3.

This is my symbol for 2008. This is a pomegranate plant. Rhiannon and I grew it from seed last winter. It grew tall and put out leaves and then in the fall, it lost almost all of its leaves. And now just recently, it has put out these new leaves. So my pomegranate plant is my symbol for the new year. Pomegranates are symbols of rebirth and of course, are very full of seeds. They take effort to eat the delicious fruit.

And this pomegranate plant is building on last year's plant. It is putting out new leaves in the cold of winter sitting in my kitchen window.

I've had some great dreams in the New Year, too. Stay tuned to hear about them!

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bum.by.the.sea said...

I wanna hear your dreams! hurry. :)