Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dream number 1, Part 2 of 6

From my journal dated January 4:

"In the dream I had a vague sense that I was a Lady or a Princess in the days of castles. I was married to an important man. I had a baby. In the dream, it was totally normal but the baby was a wee black lizard that lived mostly in water. I kept it in an aquarium. I loved this little lizard and was very proud of it.

I went out with my husband to some kind of party or something like that. There I met my brother (Layne). I told him all about the baby. I was so excited, we decided to leave the party and go home so I could show him the baby.

He went to pick it up out of the water but it was gone. We searched everywhere through the water but it wasn't there. The rocks in the bottom of the aquarium were black so it was a bit hard to see. Instead there was 1 fishnet stocking in there. He picked it out and threw it at me. I was extremely distraught. Beside myself with grief. Our enemies had taken the baby.

I came upon the gardener and I was angry at him for not protecting the baby. He remained calm and told me 50 men had come to take the baby led by Curtis Pettipaw and that they had a proclamation signed by the 50, important men which my gardener gave to me. I was astounded. I had thought that bandits had taken the baby but these were important men. In my astonishment, I realized that I was more important than I thought I was. My husband was a King so I was really a Queen but I wasn't acting like it."

So from this dream I get that I am more important than I think I am - I am a Queen but I am not acting like it and I am not taking care of what is mine to take care of appropriately. And this isn't about being important to other people it was more like being aware of my own personal power and my influence. I have more questions about the black lizard. I sense that it symbolizes something and it was beautiful in the dream and I loved it.

3 comments: said...

wow--what a CRAZY dream. I wonder what it all means? I mean, a lizard baby?? ...curtis pettipaw?! (I can't believe that's actually a last name...) it's fascinating. tres fascinating.

Andrea said...

Curtis Pettipaw is actually a guy I graduated with in Terrace... said...

haha, no way. I still can't believe that's a last name. what a misfortune.