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Dreams for the New Year Part 1 of 6

Okay impatient littlest sister, here they come. At least I know one person is reading my blog! Following is the story that is the context for my dreams. It is part of Lesson 7 that you can sign up for here. (and have you signed up for those lessons yet? And why not? You don't even have to pay if you are not able and all you have to do is ask... and they are the most amazing lessons I have ever encountered - incomparable, really). I first read Lesson 7 while in Mexico and then started off at the beginning and read them all through again up to lesson 7. Then over the holidays I read lesson 7 and then reread it as it seemed so applicable to where I was at. And I could feel it shifting things deep inside of me. And after that came 4 dreams that were a wondrous insight into myself and my process and what I need to do and what stops me. The dreams will follow. Bozenka, the author of this story, has given her permission to reprint this story here. It is copyrighted to the Inner World School, all rights reserved. So please don't repost this without her permission but do sign up for the lessons and get your own copy!

And to help the story make sense without having read the previous 6 lessons: Its Majesty and Its Holiness are 2 halves of the ego - Mama Ego is their mother to whom they are attached. Spiders are the hurts that grow and hurt others. And grandmother represents our highest self.

Hey, little Bozenka, what is the function of the big, bad wolf lurking in the forest? No point in
speculating on that. Just remember there are actually two wolves. One is called Its Majesty and
the other Its Holiness. Don’t get off your tricycle, child, if you want to reach grandmother’s
house. Grandmother is a storyteller. Hurry, child. Don’t get distracted by the pretty flowers in the woods. Grandmother wants to see you more than she wants to see the flowers.

Two hours later…

Huh! Little Bozenka finally arrived at grandmother’s house. She got lost in the forest but she did
not get off her tricycle. Her journey was watched closely by the Ego family.

“We tried our best to get her off,” said Its Majesty, “but it didn’t work.”

“I told her that her grandmother would love her more if she brought her some of the flowers that grow in the special cellar in the forest. It was very tempting and little Bozenka would certainly have gotten off her tricycle if she had not had an accident. She bumped her head on an old cedar tree and it hurt so much the child forgot all about the flowers. All she wanted was to be
comforted by her grandmother.”

“I tried to help,” frowned Its Majesty. “I told the child to get off of the tricycle and wash her
face in that amazing, sparkling, friendly creek near the entrance to the cellar. I told her that if
her grandmother saw her tears she would know that Bozenka was a bad little girl who got lost,
who does not listen. Naturally, I went on with all of my shrinking might, and it almost worked. It
would have worked if the child had not suddenly gotten stung by a ferocious bee, right on top of
her head. That bee sting hurt so much the child forgot everything except that her grandmother
knows how to make all things better.”

“To make a long story short, that’s how we lost her,” concluded Its Holiness.

“There will be other opportunities,” assured Mama Ego, and to cheer up her precious, defeated
children, she started to make poisonous spider dumplings with brown sugar and cream.

What an amazing coincidence. When little Bozenka finally parked her tricycle at Grandmother’s
house, her grandmother was busy making cherry dumplings. Through the window, Grandmother could see the precious child all in tears. The old woman rushed out without even wiping her hands. She took little Bozenka into her arms.

“Aaaaaaaaaah,” cried little Bozenka.

“Aaaaaaaaaah,” smiled Grandmother, patting the little head and leaving traces of flour
everywhere. Then Grandmother went on kissing that floury head. After many kisses,
Grandmother’s nose had turned white.

The little girl giggled. “Your nose is all white, Grandma.”

“Oh, my! I forgot to wipe my hands when I saw you all in tears. What has happened?” smiled

“I had two terrible accidents. I bumped into a big tree because I was looking at the prettiest
flowers. I wanted to get them for you,” said the little girl.

“It’s a good thing you didn’t get them because those were not the prettiest flowers. You see, you
are my most pretty flower,” said Grandmother.

The child touched her bruised forehead.

“That must have hurt a lot. Let me kiss it better,” offered Grandmother.
Grandmother’s get-better kisses were so magical that the child did not mind anymore about
hitting the tree.

“What happened then?” asked Grandmother.

“Then a ferocious bee stung me on the top of my head, just as I was about to wash my face so
that you didn’t think that I was a bad girl who does not listen,” explained little Bozenka.

“But you did not listen.” Grandmother’s eyes twinkled.

“Do you think that I am a bad little girl then?

“Why would I think that when I know for sure that you are not?”

“Do you want to see my bee sting and make it better?” asked little Bozenka.

Of course, and after that maybe you could help me finish making your favourite treat.”
Grandmother’s eyes continued to twinkle.

“Are you making me cherry dumplings with brown sugar and cream?” cried the child, her eyes
opening wide and beginning to twinkle as well.

Grandmother nodded her head.

“Then let’s go right now!” urged the little girl.

“What about your bee sting?” Grandmother wanted to know.

“A miracle has happened, Grandma. All the pain is gone. Can we go in the house now?”

At that same moment, Its Holiness said to Its Majesty, “We can’t go in there. That is the house of unconditional love.”

“Who cares for cherry dumplings anyway when our mommy is making yummy poisonous spider
dumplings for us,” said Its Majesty.

“How long for the spider treat, Mom?” asked the children.

“It will be a while yet. You have enough time to finish your chores. And don’t forget the rules in
the cellar,” smiled Mama Ego.

“We promise not to nibble on the spider sausages that are marinating in yummy poisons, and we
will use people’s pain to divide the cellar from the rest of the house,” the children assured their

“Make sure you have enough addictions in store. You don’t want to run out,” reminded Mama

“Don’t worry, Mom! We have an ample supply of the old types of addiction,” said Its Majesty.

“And I brought in a new lot of the latest spiritual addictions for those who are proud of their
superior spiritual path,” added Its Holiness.

“Well done, my children! Off you go, then. Shrink them and expand them as much as they can
take. And keep the angels out of their sight.” And with those words Mama Ego went into the
kitchen full of cosmic furnaces.

Its Majesty took out the key to unlock the cellar door.

(c) Inner World School 2008 all rights reserved. Used with permission.

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