Sunday, January 27, 2008


It has been a wonderful, magical introspective week for me. I have been processing the messages of my dreams, considering my life and development. I have written pages and pages in my journal. It is interesting to me - this rhythm of life. Sometimes I can't live without a good novel on the go and lots of time out of the house connecting with friends. And other times, I can barely be moved to read anything the least bit fanciful and home is where I want to be. Other than a gloriously piggish session ordering seeds and eating chocolate with my dear friend on Friday afternoon, I have been home except for taking my kids to lessons.

In fact, this Saturday I was pretty much like Sampson here with only his paw sticking out of his 'house'. I actually turned the ringer off on all of my phones. I worked on a painting, processed my patterns, wrote in my journal, cleaned my house, read to Rhiannon and went to bed by 9pm. When I was ready for an intrusion, I checked my messages and my e-mail. Other than that, it was very quiet except for the Brandenburg Concertos playing in the background. It was exactly what I needed.

This whole month, I have felt a great drawing in - an assessing of my life. Accompanying it has been my traditional symbolic housecleaning - getting into the corners and dark places that haven't see the light or a broom or rag in a long time. I have probably written more in my journal in the last month than I did in the previous 6 months. It has felt wonderful. And hard sometimes. Hard to see the parts of myself that haven't seen the light of my own consciousness in awhile but good to see them, too.

I had a wonderful symbol as a gift from my knitting buddies who were over on an afternoon and rearranged my furniture and for the first time my 'homeschooling/craft' room is opened up. And I can't believe how great they got my house to look with furniture I already had. It has totally changed the way I feel about my living room and the 'homeschooling/craft' room. Previously I spent all my time in the kitchen which was my favourite room in this house. Suddenly the whole main floor has opened up. The whole family has spent a lot more time in all of them. For the first few days, I just kept watching into the living room just to look at it - amazed that it was part of my house! I even like the way it looks when it is messy!

So, sorry I haven't been posting much. My energies have been turned inwards instead of outwards but I am starting to emerge. February is around the corner and that means the end of winter in the Okanagan and time to plant seeds for later transplanting.

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