Friday, October 28, 2005


Well, the prospect of spending a week end alone stretches before me. Rhiannon and Kaetlyn are going to Kamloops to visit Dean's sister's family. Dean will be in the Kootenay's playing his guitar. Drew will be here but he has a really active social life so mostly I will be alone. Alone. The possibilities are endless. I have enough ideas to fill a month. I'll have to narrow it down to 2 days. It will probably entail a hike of some sort and some thick chunks of salmon and other good and delicious food that most of my family doesn't like. Maybe a movie or two while I crochet.

Relationships are the hardest work the I, personally, have ever done. Sometimes I think I am absolutely no good at it. Sometimes I am just plain tired and worn out of it. I want too much, demand too much. Feeling that way lately.

Trying to figure out what to do for an income for the winter months when there is no window washing. I was hoping to be able to have an income from the Inner World School but that is not going to be enough, yet. Which, I guess, is realistic considering we haven't even been open a year. I am busy crocheting my hats and I have a couple of craft shows that I will do and a couple of stores that will buy them. That will bring in a bit of money. Got to figure out something soon - it is only a matter of time until there is no more window washing.

I do have something to celebrate, though. Rhiannon slept in her bed ALL night last night and another previously this week (is the end of a child infested bed in sight?). We are going to walk down to the store and get a package of stickers. She gets one package for each night. A night's uninterrupted sleep is worth way more to me than a single gold star! (see what you are getting yourself into, Sarah?) I remember an RS lesson once where the teacher, speaking of having children, said, "Who would sign up for 3 months of sleep deprivation?" I shot my hand up. Only 3 months?! I'd sign up for that in a second. 3 months. Try 5 years.

Thats all for now, folks.

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