Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I have been sitting in front of the computer for hours now. I've been working on that on-line thing, posting my new lessons. It is going ok, I think - getting some good feedback. But it is demanding... My eyes hurt and I feel funny like I do when I spend too much time in front of the computer - not enough exercise.

It is beautiful out today - mystical. It was foggy this morning and the sun has been on the edge of breaking through all day but hasn't yet (at least not the last time I was upstairs). I had to run an errand for Dean when he was home for lunch and it was a spectacular drive on the east side of OK Lake to pick up a squeegee where he left it. I was on a hill above the lake and still in the fog but barely. Below me, the lake was clear of the fog and the sun was catching just the edges. The tops of the hill on the opposite side of the lake were obscured in fog. Just the steep edges going down to the lake were visible and very green due to all the recent rain.

In our yard, the leaves are luminescent in that strange light of the fog - almost like they are lit up from within. I wrote a poem about that a few years ago. This was written about the view from my bedroom window in the house I lived in then (there was a crab apple tree). This was just when mine and Dean's friendship was turning into something more.

November Nightfall

Dull twilight under a ceiling of autumn’s clouds
Stretched thick between forest dark mountains
Sombre backdrop for brilliant amber leaves
Twinkling on the ends of thin, bare branches reaching heavenward

Grey in-between light spills into the room --
The cold colour of grief
My world decolourises
Only the leaves like golden jewels become somehow luminescent.
(November 1997)

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