Saturday, October 29, 2005

What have I done with my time

So, throw me in the same lot as Sarah, will you?! And Laura writes way more than both Sarah and I. Unfair lumping!!

Anyways I haven't had quite as much time to myself as I thought I was going to but I'm making the most of it. Dean got up as noisily as possible at 7am and clumped around the house in his shoes and did laundry, etc. So much for sleeping in. If I fully wake up in the morning, I can't be back to sleep. No matter how tired I am. So I got up. But I took my time this morning. I had a nice shower, I made some nice tea (dandelion, parsley and uva ursi) and read to Andrew from a book we are reading together (3 Day Road by Joseph Boyden). I meandered downtown to pick up some more thyroid medication. I have been on dessicated thyroid for quite some time but the company that makes it stopped and eventually sold the right to make it to another company. In the meantime - no pills. Consequences are dire if I don't take it for even one day. Exhaustion. So a pharmacy in town started making their own from Porcine powder. I went to buy some of those this morning. I got a nice surprise. I was told that they wouldn't be covered by medical but they are. So I didn't have to pay. (Because of Kaetlyn's diabetic supplies, we reach the maximum for pharmacare and then don't have to pay any more)

Then I worked on the computer, getting the last of those lessons posted on that Chautauqua. Although on-line attendance at the Chautauqua sharply declined after Wednesday so I don't think anyone but me has seen the last lesson (or one or two other people). But the postings will be there for years as a resource so I still have to get them done. I have the last lesson to do tomorrow. I took breaks to do crocheting and to take Drew to the bike store to look at bikes and dream about his next one. He needs a really sturdy bike. He found one that he really likes and I think we will start making payments on it - like for his birthday. It is too expensive to get all at once but it is his 12th birthday coming up in a week so I will put some on it for him. I really want him to have a good bike - we like to bike together.

Then we went out to lunch on a whim. I took him to a Greek place in town. Little ghosts of Katie and Laura were sitting there with me. Remember when I took you out for lunch for your birthday? I think it was Katie and then I said you could invite a friend and the friend had to be Laura? Or was it Laura and the friend had to be Katie. I don't remember. But I remember how fun it was to take you there for that new experience. Pita and tziki (sp?). Yum. I still love Greek food. Then I crocheted some more. Worked more on my lessons. Erin came over and used the sewing machine. Drew was never able to connect with his friends today so he was hanging around all day.

Now I am tired. My eyes, mostly. They want to be closed. Too much looking at the computer screen and small stitches. I'll sleep in tomorrow and hopefully Drew will go play and I can be .... ALONE.

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