Sunday, October 02, 2005

Time with Laura and Layne

Well, it has been a wonderful and very, very full week end. Laura and I went to the National Ballet's performance of Swan Lake. It was sooo beautiful. The music was beautiful, the costumes were beautiful, the dancing was beautiful - it was such a lush sensory experience. I love ballet and it has been so long since I saw a proper one - since I left Winnipeg. It was not the traditional choreography of Swan Lake but a new one written in 1999 and this was the world premiere, apparantly. It was not as athletic as others I have seen but it was very, very beautiful. The choreography was often asymmetrical which was very interesting and matched the music so perfectly that it emphasized your aural experience as well. The swans were amazing! I could go on and on. That was Friday night. We went out for Thai food first so I had my very first pad thai. Delicious! Although, I embarrassedly gyped the good waiter out of his tip in confusion. I occasionally, shamefully turned that over in my mind and blushed anew everytime I thought if it. Unfortunately I was a block away before I realized it...

Dean came with me to Vancouver as he was playing at the Media Club. I got Laura and I onto the guest list and we went there right after the ballet. But we missed Redfish playing - the ballet took 3 hours (although it felt like 2 at the MOST). We had no clue about the time as we were watchless and were quite surprised when we got there and they were completely done. Dean was disappointed that I missed seeing him play there. Layne was there, too. Laura and I didn't stay long - all those loud sounds kind of wrecked the elegant vibe of the ballet. We talked laying in the bed in the dark until after 3 in the morning.

Layne hooked up with us the next day and we hung out while Laura went to confrence. Mostly they went to a music store (instruments) and I wandered around adjoining shops. I made salmon and potatoes for supper at Laura's after a marathon game of trivial pursuit. Dean won - but Laura was very close and I sucked - as I always do - I am much to much of a 'big picture' person to remember all those trivial details! The guys watched that most lame of comedy shows "Life Aquatic" and Laura and I looked through her pictures. We looked and talked and laughed until 4am and I still didn't finish all her pictures (I worked on a few more this morning, Laura). I learned one thing - that you can tell how much Laura loves Katie - she has takent he most beautiful pictures of her - that really capture her beauty. I snagged a few copies of Katie and Laura and one of mom. Such a talent Laura has for taking artistic pictures! There were great pictures of all of you, of course but I was most taken by the pictures of Katie.

We thought of Katie running the marathon on Saturday - I was so impressed to read her time on John's blog. Imagine running so far in only 4 and 1/2 hours! Wow! Katie, I hope you are really, really, really proud of yourself! I am so very lucky to have such amazing sisters.

Some of my favourite things from the week end (besides the ballet, of course) was having Laura do my hair. I never got to have a sister do my hair before - I was the hair doer. I loved the feeling of it. And getting to lay in bed having looooong talks about everything. I always felt a little alone at the top of the family. With 3 younger brothers who formed a unit that I never really fit into and Katie and Laura were too young for us to have an equal relationship. So it was so wonderful to just be able to talk.

So there is an update - I've got lots to read now.

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