Friday, October 21, 2005


I realized writing my blog last time, just how sad I was. I had a little cry and then I went to where Erin was working, brought her a treat and got a hug. I needed a hug from her and I needed to hug her. I told her I missed her on her birthday. It is just not right not seeing your own child, who was once a part of your own body on the day to celebrate their birth. She is working in Rickys (sp?) now. She jumped ship in the mall, as it were. She was very unhappy at Mariposa since her old manager left. Rickys is a better place, anyways, I think. The clothes aren't so sluttty looking.

So we had her birthday dinner last night. I made lasagne for her - still her favourite dish. I think I have had to make that for her birthday dinner for the last 4 years... And we had two cakes that she picked out with Dean. A boston cream and some strawberry chocolate cake. Which I have just had some of for breakfast and now I feel sick. Her and Dean went to a movie afterwards.

It was a beautiful sunny day here yesterday and today. Thank goodness! I love to see the sun! It lights up all the coloured leaves and makes fall beautiful. And you see, here in the Okanagan, winter if full of 'valley bottom cloud'. Because it has to be very, very cold (-20) for an extended period of time for the lakes to freeze. That's only happened once since I've been here (11 years). So in the below zero weather, the lakes steam and we get valley bottom cloud, day after day after day. So sunny fall days are particularly valuable and appreciated.

Today I am nervous. I think I have said before that I signed up with SelfDesign for homeschooling this year. There is a village that we are a part of and they are having a 'Chautauqua' - a virtual one, of course. And I volunteered to do one on the Inner World. So that means that I will post lessons and host a discussion. I am fine with the lessons for younger children as I have run all those at the school. But the lessons for the older kids are 'untried'. So I am nervous. (what if they don't like me?) I was working on my lessons earlier but people kept wanting to chat with me so I exited and decided to check the blogs before I went back to work. Hopefully no one will notice me this time. hehe

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