Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Well, I have been a mother for 19 years now. 19 years ago I was still in the hospital recovering from the unwanted shot of demerol. It feels weird this year without Erin living here. Kind of anti-climatic. She was doing things with her friends which is normal, I suppose but I miss her. There has been a kind of sadness/lonliness fuzzing around my edges. Perhaps that is why I ate 2 Bounty Bars and an entire bag of carmel corn puff (at least they were organic...). Ah well, I had done so well up until then since Thanksgiving. Maybe it is just another reminder of the nature of raising children - they grow up and leave you. She is coming over tomorrow night for her birthday dinner. Lasagne - her favourite and then her and Dean are going out to a movie together. Her present is boring, too. She just wants me to put money on her new sewing machine. *sigh*

It has been so wet here. Rain, rain, rain. It is starting to smell like Vancouver outside! It is hard to get windows washed in weather like this. I am starting to suffer from financial stress.

Gotta dash and take Rhiannon to her violin lesson.

Chick out

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