Friday, October 07, 2005

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I know I need to post, I have been thinking about it for days but no topic has made itself evident. I have just been busy. Busy in a mom kind of way. Homeschooling my kids, taking them to lessons, teaching at the school, planning for the school, preparing to teach at the school and then just housework kind of things. And that is filling up all my time. No interesting stories have arisen, I am afraid.

Layne is here - he arrived here today. I am a bit annoyed at Dean as he is so glad that Layne is here (not that part but the next part) and he acts like Layne is an old friend of his, come to visit him. He has a long list of plans that don't include me. (that's the part that annoys me) I reminded him that Layne is actually my brother and came to visit me, too! We'll see how effective that was. They are gone now to a Redfish practise. Layne has gone along to 'jam' with them. It won't be very late as it is in Steve's parents' basement. But then they are planning on going out.

We went and got two loads of wood with Layne's truck today which was really great. We are building up a good store of wood for the winter. We probably have 2 - 3 months worth now. More if the weather doesn't get too cold.

The weather has been miserable here. It has rained for 3 days straight which is really unusual for her. It makes me think that I would not be able to handle life on the coast again as I have really longed for the sun.

I burned dinner really, really badly today. I made little pizzas from premade crusts that I get at a local bakery. Rhiannon was my helper. The first batch went well but then the second one, something on the bottom of the oven caught fire. It was just a very small little flame - like a candle so I thought nothing of it - made a mental note to clean the oven tomorrow. But I guess it greatly heated up the bottom of the pans. Although you couldn't tell from the tops, the bottoms became solid charcoal. 6 pizzas. *sigh* I hate wasting food! So I cut off most of the bottoms (now they are extremely thin and crispy crusts). The kids weren't too impressed and I must admit that the charcoal taste is a little overwhelming. I can still taste that sour burnt taste in the back of my mouth.

I watched a really good Canadian film last week - "My Life Without Me". I really liked it. I liked the way it was filmed; I liked how it was about ordinary people in ordinary circumstances; and I liked the message of hope and acceptance. I watched Monster In-Law last night. Rather corny and predictable but I really enjoyed Jane Fonda. I thought she was really funny. I thought it would be fun to watch with Dean's Mom - I know she would laugh. Alas, we don't ever seem to do things like that.

I heard from Martha this week. Always hard when I hear from her. I have such a tender spot in my heart and I wish with all my heart that I could rescue her. I know that I can't and that it wouldn't even be good to do it, but I wish I could. I wish that she was still little and I could just hold her for a long, long time. It is hard to see her pain. I wish it wasn't so complicated to make it all better. I am sure she will be okay in the end. She sounds strong and clear headed. But I know it is a hard road ahead. I'm proud of her. It takes alot to do what she is doing.

Well, there you have my rather rambling post...

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