Sunday, October 16, 2005


Hmmm, can you tell by looking at my filing cabinet and desk that I have spent most of my time organizing it this morning. Well... no. But I have a headache and that crampy feeling from being bent over for too long... It is discouraging and probably why I put off doing it for months at a time. But all the things that need to be filed and put away in that area are piling up and getting ruined and lost. I hate it, though, when you can't tell you've done anything. I like to see RESULTS! Ah well, much work to do before I will get to see those.

I am sure one of the reasons that it took so long is because I was going through old letters and cards. I have such cute drawings and letters fom Jordan, Evan, Laura, Katie and even Sarah (well some scribbles that Mom said were from you). One day I will scan some in and send them around. My priceless treasures.

It has been a quiet, quiet week end. Went for a delicious dinner at my friend, Bozenka's on Friday evening. Erin, Justin, Drew and Rhiannon and I. Dean was already gone to play in Revelstoke and Kaetlyn had gone to Kamloops for the week end. It was fantastic food, great conversation with many interesting people. But then very quiet the next day and today. Last night Drew went to sleep over his friend's house so it is just me and Rhiannon. Quiet but not free to do whatever I want. I ended up going to bed at 9. I was going to start on the organizing then but I was too tired. Somehow I am still tired today after 10 hours of sleep. Must be that time of the month thing.

It is very yellow outside my dining room window. The walnut tree is a beautiful luminescent yellow and so are the leaves that have fallen so the yard just kind of glows. Pretty. Now that summer is no longer a forlorn scent on the wind but is completely gone, gone, gone, I can enjoy fall a bit. Still dread the coming of winter, though. All that extra fussing. Although the cooking is nice. I line the wintry smells of soup or chili cooking that fill up the whole house.

Well, enough of my meandering blather. I'd better go get dressed. It is 2pm, afterall.

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