Saturday, December 17, 2005

Christmas buzz

Well, I am well on my way to having everything finished this year. Bethany's gift is in Nanaimo as we speak. I was able to buy it here and then have mom pick it up and wrap it for me in Nanaimo. Sweet! No shipping and no chance of it getting broken (which I was worried about). I hope you like it, Bean. I also have another package for you which I will be mailing on Monday of little fun things.

And Laura, where is our bike trip thing?

Rhiannon had her piano Christmas concert today. She did very well - even remembered her whole notes in Jingle Bells which she struggled with remembering. Dean's parents were there and really enjoyed it. She played two songs on her own and her class did an ensemble (she played tambourine). Poor Dean had to miss it again. He is playing Panorama tonight.

Kaetlyn and Drew are busy with their peanut brittle business. They were taking it easy - not going out that often and then suddenly they realized that there is only 7 days left. SEVEN DAYS left. Eeep! I wish I was more like Katie (but at least my laundry room is clean... I know, I know, it is Brent's fault. Funny how that is, it used to be Laura's fault or my fault...)hehe.

Well, I had better go and finish vacuuming the living room and making my grocery list...

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