Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rhiannon's Christmas Recital

It is the season of children's concerts and recitals. Today it was Rhiannon's for her violin class. Unfortunately Dean is playing in Canmore this week end so he couldn't come. Drew, Kaetlyn and her grand parents got to watch, though. She was very cute. She loves performing (don't know where she got that from....) (hehe). She played jingle bells with the whole group and then jingle bells on the piano and violin by herself.

I am exhausted. There have been busy, busy days with no breaks. Thursday was the gala so all day Wednesday and Thursday were spent in that preparation. Friday afternoon I had volunteered to head a homeschooling activity (do I have a screw loose or something?!) We did beeswax candles. So I spent Friday morning searching for sheets of beeswax and getting that ready. This morning I had to get up early and make peanut brittle as Kaetlyn and Drew had sold it all. I took them out selling. When we were done, we had 45 minutes to eat lunch before the recital started... Then I come home and rush to make dinner and start the fire and, and, and... At times like this, I really miss Dean in a practical way. Being a single parent is no 'cup o' tea'...

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