Saturday, December 24, 2005

Later on Christmas Eve

Well, my day went well. I got all my shopping finished (I only needed a couple more things) by 10am and then I vowed not to leave the house (except to go to the service) and I didn't. Dean took Rhiannon to play in the park for an hour or so and then he did his shopping and took Kaetlyn and Drew to finish theirs. So it was nice and quiet here with just me and Rhi. We listened to Christmas music (I burned a Bony M Christmas CD - good for boogying to while you do Christmas chores). Made shortbread, two batches of peanut brittle for us to eat and finished the nanaimo bars (I also don't like store bought ones - too uniform and not chocolatey enough). I was going to make some more sugar cookies but it just didn't happen. Oh well. I always have more plans than actually happen. If I hadn't been up half of the night with Rhiannon... The hike didn't happen but hopefully we will get it in tomorrow while the turkey cooks.

I did have a bit of grief with Kaetlyn and Drew who didn't want to do their chores. They said I was ruining their Christmas eve day by making them work. *sigh* It is so nice when this ego-centric stage ends... I did protest that it wouldn't have been much of a holiday for me if I have to do all the work by myself. Kaetlyn said, why did we have to have a big dinner and why did the house have to be clean - who cares if there is mold growing in the toilet! Why indeed! It did get all worked out in the end but not after some severe-ness on my part. We went to the service at the Alliance church which had less singing and more preaching than usual and I was dying to sing. I love to sing Christmas songs and no one else really does. I was really looking forward to Martha being here and playing our piano and singing with me... The preaching was very nice and their pastor is from Scotland and had a kindly brogue. He very gently talked about how turning to Jesus at this time of year (and always) helps us to get centred again from our hectic lives. They have a part when all the children go up to the front and they tell the Christmas story. This year Rhiannon ran up there. They told the story but left blanks and let the children fill in the blanks. Rhiannon got to speak into the mic and say that the angel said not to be afraid. I could see her little hand there waving each time there was an opportunity (now where does she get that from....?) (you all might be too young to remember that about me - Doug or John would know and John was always the same way)

We picked up Erin and Justin and had our Christmas Eve dinner - this year vegetarian quesadillas (Justin if vegetarian) and I made my famous artichoke dip and put out all the goodies. I gave my little Christmas Eve talk about what Christmas means and then we each opened a gift. I opened the one from Kaetlyn who gave me some pj's and some scenting candle burning thing. We watched a Christmas Carol (I had to put Rhiannon to bed part way through at her request - I hope that is a good sign) and now all the kids are off to bed so Santa can come. I am waiting for them all to fall asleep. Then the long task of Santa begins.

I picked up Bethany's gift for me today and opened the box and put all three presents under the tree. I am so excited! I can't wait to talk to her tomorrow and I REALLY hope my gift for her got there today!

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