Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Gala

The Inner World Christmas Gala is tomorrow evening. So today will be crazily busy! I have short bread to make and the school to clean and start decorating. We are going to have almost 50 people there (more than half of those will be kids). I say start as I am not really a 'decorator'. This is a well known fact so others are doing most of the decorating. I also have to get the printing done - flyers for our next workshop, paper with all our programs on, etc. Oh and I have to choose the christmas songs that we are going to sing and print the words up for that.

I still have that bag on my foot and my crack doesn't feel as painful today. My right knee hurts in the cold weather and then my left heel is cracked. I hardly know which leg to limp on...

I will take some pics of my new hats later today for you. I have to give back Erin's camera on Friday. I've made some with ear flaps with Alpaca wool which is very, very soft.

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