Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

Well, we sold the last of the peanut brittle last night. Now we just have to focus on our preparations for Christmas and the fun of Christmas Eve. I will get the last of the shopping done this morning (I will leave shortly so to be at the stores as early as possible and before the crowds). I just need a couple of stocking stuffers and a few foodstuffs for our feast tomorrow. I think Kaetlyn, Drew and Rhiannon have one more present to buy which I will do after that. Then Dean and I will go for our traditional Christmas Eve hike around 1pm. Although this year it will be rather muddy as the rain has continued. (yesterday it was + 7!) I haven't decided what to wear on my feet yet... something I don't mind getting very muddy. Then we will go to the Alliance church for their Christmas Eve service which is really nice and involved the entire church standing and singing Christmas songs at the top of their lungs. You can hardly hear your own voice. Then Erin and Justin will be done work and join us. We will have our traditional dinner of quesadillas, all the goodies will come out (I will have to finish making the nanaimo bars sometime before then...) We will watch a Christmas Carol, I will tell the Christmas story and open a present each and visit and the kids will go to bed.

I hope Rhiannon will have a better night than she has had for the last couple! She has woken up in the middle of the night the last 2 nights and stayed awake for about 2 hours in which time she comes into my room and wakes me up several times (usually just after I have fallen asleep). Last night she woke me up so often and so thoroughly, that I couldn't fall asleep for more than an hour after she finally did. She is just so excited. And today is Christmas Eve. I'll have to wear her out really good today. Too bad we can't go toboganning somewhere which we like to do when there is actually snow on Christmas Eve. Maybe Dean can take her to the park... Probably physical exertion will do the trick (well, I can hope, can't I?). I remember how mom used to drug us when I was Rhiannon's age. Too bad they took that stuff off the market... A little dose of Phenogren went a long way on Christmas Eve...

Merry Christmas all my lovely, beautiful, wonderful sisters. I look forward to talking to you, Beth, on Christmas. Call me when you are ready. I am sure we will be 'up and at 'em' bright and early (well actually it probably won't be bright yet...) I love you all!

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