Thursday, December 08, 2005

In Desperate Need of a Sister

Funny how I loved to do my sisters' hair. I spent all that time on YOUR hair and never really learned to do my own very well. It is the Christmas Gala tonight and I am trying to get my hair to look gala-ish. I wish Laura was here to do what she did for the ballet. But I am trying the pin curl thing from Curly Girl but I am starting to worry that I have left them in too long and I am going to have these severely tight curls by my face that are about 2 inches long while the rest is hanging long and loose. I wish I had a sister here to do my hair.... Here is a pic of me with the pin curl thing in.

Now can't you see what I mean about my nose jobs being obvious in the picture?

Okay, maybe I took them out too soon - their still damp but at least they are not 2 inches long...

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