Monday, January 23, 2006

Snoring and Voting

The sleep saga continues. Last night I went to bed right after I put Rhiannon to bed. I was fast asleep before 8pm. But.... Rhiannon didn't wake me up this night. In my dream, Drew was snoring very loudly and I kept trying to wake him up to get him to stop snoring. In the end, I was really angry at him for not waking up and still snoring and then I was awake and the snoring continued as Dean snored a very loud snore right in my ear. I poked him until he rolled over muttering "I can't help it" or maybe I said something like "Roll over for heaven's sake!" Yah, maybe it was something like that... That was at 1:45am. And then I laid there until 2:15 at which time I knew my mind was so wide awake it was not going back to sleep. It was starting to plan my blog so here I am. I actually got quite a lot done in the wee hours yesterday morning and I didn't run out of energy - even went for a hike with a friend in the afternoon. But by 6pm, I was toast. I kept falling asleep while I was reading to Rhiannon. Again, she was not impressed.

Now, today is the day we vote. I am in a quandry. I don't know who to vote for. I heard someone on CBC who described themselves as being non-partisan and he claimed that he had voted for every major party at one time or another. That describes me perfectly. I am non-partisan. Somewhere inbetween the McLeans who vote NDP on principle and think it is the morally right thing to do and Dad who votes whatever is the farthest right party at the time (PC, Reform, Alliance and now Conservative) on principle and thinks it is the morally right thing to do. I have voted for all the major parties and the Green Party as well. I am very situational. I am loyal to no party. Last time I voted NDP. Would I vote NDP if I didn't live in the Okanagan full of rednecks. It has been well more than a decade (and probably much longer than that) since anyone who didn't represent the extreme right got in around here. I have worked with too many of the disadvantaged and seen their potential and seen the complete lack of support in their lives to agree with the Conservative's platform. I don't want Stephen Harper to be the next Prime Minister. I don't want to go to war. I would do almost anything to make sure that my son didn't have to go to war. Not to mention that I think war is wrong and in the long run only begets more war. I think it is about time we started thinking up some different solutions to solving our differences... I also think that we need to do Kyoto and that we need to honour agreements made with First Nations. But how can one vote for the Liberals? The Liberal candidate in our riding could really be a conservative if our conservative party wasn't so very far to the right. I liked the old Progressive Conservatives. I liked Joe Clark (not so fond of NAFTA and Brian Mulroney) and Jean Charest. I think that voting NDP will just be throwing my vote away. I don't really believe that the Okanagan will EVER send an NDP candidate to Ottawa. I think the Liberal guy has a chance and I want to stop Stephen Harper. But I don't like the Liberal guy and I don't really want him representing me in Ottawa. So I can't decide. Maybe I will vote NDP and send my own private little message to whoever gets in, "Andrea wants you to lean a little more towards the left - be kind to poor people, think of the environment, don't go to war." Anyways, my conundrum. How will I vote?

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