Saturday, January 28, 2006

Today I Ran

Today (well, it is really yesterday, now - having another of those nights) I ran. This may not be significant to you able kneed people but to me significant. They say I will never run and they say I shouldn't run. The big reason is because of the huge build up of scar tissue inside my knee that when I run, the impact cuts off the blood circulation and thus endangers my transplant. However, I just can't accept this. I love running. Not running like Katie or Laura or Sarah or any of you other long distance runners. I love running full out, sprinting. I was fast in my day (not as fast as Sarah, of course). But I used to win all the races at the pioneer day picnics in Fort George Park. I can still remember running bare foot with through the grass as fast as I could. Later, in high school, I never came in first - lots of seconds and thirds. But I still loved that feeling.

Anyway, today I ran. We were hurrying to catch the bus to make it out to a bird sanctuary tour for our homeschooling group. So I ran this funny kind of joggy thing that is anything but graceful. My right leg refused to go heel first but goes toe first. I think my ankle is compensating for my knee - absorbing the shock at least a little, on behalf of my knee. Very kind of my ankle but not very pretty. But the feeling of running, my elevated heart rate, my muscles working hard and fast like that (well, they were working faster). It has been sooooo long since I was able to run that evern running for 1 minute (which is all I did at a time) was such an effort. I kept thinking of when it was not such an effort. I want to be able to run. Really run. I don't want to run a marathon but I would like to be able to work up to running 30 minutes again. I liked how 'in shape' my body felt then. Will I ever be able to? I need to get one of those mini trampoline things. The physio says I can start running in place on one of those.

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