Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Well, time for an update. I have been hard at work yesterday and today on Rhiannon's bedroom. For those of you who haven't been here, my home has not been updated since the early 1970's. It has the original carpeting, panelling, etc.

So, over Christmas Kaetlyn moved down to Erin's vacated room. So yesterday we moved Rhiannon into Kaetlyn's old room (going to be my sewing room) so we could work on her room. We tore the wallpaper off and then washed the paper off. Rhiannon and her friend helped to rip off all the wallpaper. Dean and Drew helped me get all the paper backing stuff off. I have basically spent today getting the glue off of the walls. Whew. My eyes feel funny - I think it is the glue... Wow! Was that glue ever ON there. I washed the walls with various solutions suggested on the internet, finishing up with TSP. I washed twice with TSP. Total, I have washed the walls 5 times. My arms are sore. My feet are sore. I am sure my back and side will be sore. But... the walls are clean. When I am done here I will have a bath and get dressed (I am still in my jammies - this was a morning project...) and fill the holes in the walls.

So, that has consumed me since yesterday. I like what dramatic changes you can make with simply a lot of your own effort. I babysit a girl whose mom works at the paint store so I get staff prices on everything I need.

I have a New Years goal - a fun one. I want to try a new recipe out of my Betty Crocker cookbook everyday. I was thinking - why do I always make the same bread recipe? Why not make this one with sundried tomatoes and kalamata olives? I sundried a bunch of tomatoes and haven't used any. Why not now? I'll let you know what works!

Oh yah, and I was actually on the front page of the newspaper today. Hilarious! Check it out here: - go down to the dog days one.

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