Friday, May 26, 2006

The Ear Candling

So, Rhiannon, amongst other things, has been slowly going deaf. It has been noticeable in the number of times she says 'what?' It can be an annoying number of times.... And it became noticeable in the volume of the TV as she watched videos and how she immediately turned it up when I turned it down - to ear splitting levels. Any program she watched could be heard throughout the entire house. Not always a pleasurable experience when she was watching Caillou's Holiday Movie in May....

So I began to suspect that she was having a hearing problem... No ear infection or any sign of one so I began to suspect that she had a build up of wax. I often had that problem as a child. So I started putting drops of olive oil with mullein in her ears to soften the wax. Mullein is supposed to be good for ear aches but that is not why I used it. I simply used it because it was in the only olive oil I had.... (can you use canola oil in ears?...) Then, as I was contemplating making a Dr's appointment to have her ears cleaned out, I remembered how much it hurt as the Dr squirted high pressure water into my tender ears.... There had to be a better way besides the bobby pin trick I learned from my dad... I remembered that I had heard about ear candling although I had never tried it. Friends of mine had raved about the experience and all the gunk that came out of their ears.

So I arranged with a friend of mine who does cranialsacral stuff to come and do it. She was AWESOME!!! You can check her out at And you would be amazed at how much ear wax those candles pulled out of her little, tiny ears. We did 3 candles in each ear. Rhiannon fell asleep during the first candle on her left ear. I have to buy some more candles to finish on her left side. Rhiannon had improved hearing right away with her right ear but says that she can hear better with her right ear than her left. We were all amazed, Dean, Kaetlyn Drew and I - staring at the blobs of orangish-brown ear wax. Like staring at a car accident... Gross! We all want to do it now! What's in my ears?

Kids have such tiny, tiny little ear canals, I am not surprised that she had a build up of wax. Sheila aslo did a cranialsacral treatment on her and we have another scheduled for next Tuesday.

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