Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Well, I had ideas about writing profound insights into parenting to commemorate Mother's Day. But.... I changed my mind. I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Kaetlyn has been playing in a fastball tournament here in Vernon so I got to watch her play at 10am. She was pitching and she did awesome! They won that game against Penticton easily and were in 4th place to advance to the play-offs. I had to miss the beginning of the play-off game to take Drew to a soccer game. For some reason the woman who does the schedule thought we would like an extra game on Mother's Day so the mom's could watch. Where does she think we are the rest of the games?! And I couldn't watch because I had to rush back to Kaetlyn's tournament. I caught the last inning of her game. They lost by 1 run and so were out of the play offs. We didn't mind, actually, as we wanted to do something together. So we went back to Drew's soccer game and caught the last half of that. They smashed the other team 14 - 2. sheesh. Not that Drew scored any of those goals but he had fun.

Thankfully all the rushing around was over. It was a beautiful sunny day (highs forcasted for 31). The kids were planning on taking me out to a buffet dinner but they changed the plans with the weather and packed a picnic lunch and we went to my favourite beach. It was really nice. We all ate together and then I sat and crocheted on the beach, Rhiannon played in the water, finding pretty rocks. Then they all started building a sand castle together. I listened as they playfully argued with each other and made fun of each other as they built this castle complex. I marvelled to look at them. These 4 children. Made from my flesh. Birth is such a miraculous thing. From my own body I brought 4 lives into this world - each of them their own person and they have grown and grown. Apart of me and yet separate. I reminisced about how our family has grown and changed with the addition of each of them. Everytime you have a child it changes everything. This is my family. They have been my greatest joy and my greatest frustration. And I have felt the greatest sorrow for my own failings because of them. I would that their lives would be easy and bright and it pains me to see how I have caused some of the struggle. Even so, I wouldn't trade it for anything. The happiness and depth they have brought into my life is immeasurable. Thank you, all 4 of you for making me your mom!

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