Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Window Washing Week 2

Well, Dean is back but he is soooo sick, I have been out washing windows again... And it was really, really hot today -- 32 degrees. I am sticky all over with the aftermath of sweatiness. I did pretty good, though. And it is amazing how much my arm strength has improved just in this short time of exercise...

Here is what I was thinking about today:

As I was climbing up a step ladder that I borrowed from the people's house (we don't have one - just an extension), I remembered a tall wodden step ladder that Dad built long ago - must have been our first or second summer in Terrace. I remembered the sunny afternoon as Gram, Katie and I picked cherries in the backyard. Katie who would have been 5 or 6 climbed to the very top of the ladder. I think Gram did warn her about climbing to the very top. How brave she was to be up so high and not afraid at all and working so hard on picking cherries. Then I remember the slow motion as she fell right over the top - arms spread eagle. In my memory she almost floats down like a feather in slow motion. Then everything speeds up and Gram is there giving her mouth to mouth. How scary. I remember the terror of that moment... Of course we have teased Katie about that eversince and she was called superman for sometime but I was there and I can remember how scared I was.

Anyways, there's my memory for the day

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