Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rainy Long Week End

I have to laugh. With the heat we had coming into the long week end, many people were so sure that it would be hot and sunny for the week end. It always rains on the May long weekend. It is tradition. If you go camping, you stand the chance of making it onto the news as rains drips off of your tarp.... And so it rained and rained and rained yesterday.... but you all are probably not reading my blog for a weather update. There is the weather network for that or environment canada....

I spent the day yesterday unpacking and arranging the 'last room'. The room where all the boxes were piled before being sorted to other rooms. I had an idea in my head of how I thought the room could be arranged. This room has outside walls on 3 sides and each of these outside walls is dominated by large old fashioned windows - they start low and go almost to the high ceiling. Nothing fit where I thought it would fit. I spent the day moving piles of boxes of books and trying furniture in different places. I even got out the tape measure.... I finally came up with a configuration and got most of the books unpacked. Then I realized that the entire day had gone by and it was now supper time and I was still wearing my pj's with an apron over top. I was babysitting a friend of Rhiannon's. Her dad dropped her off at 10:30 and I greeted him in said outfit with the smells of fresh made bread and cinnamon buns wafting through the house. Now it was 7:30, the smells were gone, the room still looked like a mess and I was still wearing my apron and pj's.... How could that happen? Ah well, what can one do except to make a joke at ones own expense....?

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