Sunday, May 07, 2006

She peeped! She piped! SHE POOPED!!!

Well, was it the discussion of the digestion, emphasizing the importance of elimination? Was it the threat of diapers? Was it the encouragement and acknowledgement of the perils and benefits of growing up? Was it explaining that bowel movements were so important that if she didn't manage to have one, I would have to take her to the Dr? Or was it the laxitive tea? Perhaps the last. But she pooped. Not, unfortunately, before messing her pants one last time. She pooped just as I was coming up the stairs with another cup of laxitive tea... I gave it to her anyways. There's gotta be more in there! We cheered and I carefully supervised the wiping of the bum but didn't do it - but gave her the support she needed to be successful. Whew! Thank God!

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