Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ride-A-Mower.... Not

Remember how our landlord was going to provide a ride-a-mower for mowing our park-like lawns? Hmmm, well, yes.... that didn't exactly turn out. The lawn mower they were going to leave for our use turned out to be un-fix-able. But they neglected to tell us this. In the meantime the grass got longer and longer. Finally on Sunday, we put the lawn mower on the highest possible position and we began the lawn mowing. It took the better part of that day to mow about 1/3 of the lawn. I spent yesterday mowing the rest of the lawn until the lawnmower died and finding rocks for my raised bed while it cooled down. Then mowing again. It wasn't too bad under the trees but in the sun.... it was higher than my knees. Don't I have an amazing lawnmower do do all that? Here's to Briggs and Stratton! And here is where the lawn mower rests - its last point of stalling. Its raining again today. And here where the ground is generally thirsty for moisture, that means all grasses will be growing as fast as they darn-well can! Sigh!

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