Friday, May 05, 2006

How You Look at things

Well, last night my battery gave up the ghost. Just like that. All at once. And I am speaking here of the battery in my van. The van started perfectly all day long as Dean turned it off and on several times out washing windows. Then, when I took Kaetlyn to her umpiring, I thought I heard a little struggle when it started. Just very quick and I wasn't even sure I heard it. Then, after seeing a client at the Inner World School, it was a no go. Just ticking. Tick, tick, tick, tick...

When the BCAA guy came to get me started, he said it was the 4th battery to go like that today that he has attended to. He said that when it starts to get hot out, that batteries who are waiting to go, just go all at once. I had just had the van serviced 2 weeks ago so I was rather surprised. He told me that another lady that he helped had her car serviced 2 weeks ago, too.

So, how to react? I could moan. What a time for something ELSE to go wrong. I could beg for a moratorium on things going wrong in my life. I could feel alone. I could stress about another bill...

Or I could be grateful that instead of dying slowly, it held on to the last possible minute and then went ca-put. And isn't it lucky I can get it fixed today? And isn't it lucky that someone once gave me a battery recharger (thanks, Leanne, wherever you are) so that I can keep it plugged in and have enough juice to start it to drive to Canadian Tire? Really, aren't I lucky? Batteries do have to go sometime, don't they? And isn't it lucky that Dean was able to wash windows all day yesterday with no problems so I have the money to pay for a new battery? Really, aren't I lucky? I think I would rather be lucky than cursed. Its all matter of perspective, isn't it?

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