Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Quail Stew

Two posts in one day... Can you keep up? Rhiannon and I are at war with the quails. The precious plants we nurtured from tiny seeds and moved and watered compulsively are being devoured mercilessly by the heartless quail. We've caught them at it. We know it is them. They have now eaten every single blossom off of my zucchini plant. I love zucchini! And Rhiannon has been reduced to tears about the state of her once bushy and thriving marigold. Below is the evidence. Look what they did. Can you see the marigold - completely denuded of all foilage.... only one flower head flopped over, already severed. The other is our cauliflower. See the leaves so carelessly left behind in the gorgeing feast.... Through her tears Rhiannon insisted that we buy quail food right now! That we put out real quail food for them. I tried to explain to her that perhaps this was quail food....

So I did a search on the internet for what to do about a quail problem. Guess what, there is nothing that I could find, only site after site about how wonderful quails are and how their habitat was being destroyed. Well, I tell you, they are thriving in my yard. Every time I checked my garden, they had eaten more of it... When I come out to the garden, they fly up in a tree and stare at me accusingly for interupting their eating. I am getting more and more in the mood to eat quail, myself. I am starting to feel bloodthirsty...

Finally a friend told me that she uses netting over her garden until the plants are established. So we went to Canadian Tire and got some netting.

I was attracted to this kind due to the angry looking birds with red eyes. I want the quails to be angry. Rhiannon and I immediately put out the netting, staked it and put rocks around the edges to hold it down. While we were doing it we called out to the quail who were actually in the garden when we drove up, "good-bye, quails! You've had your last meal here, quails! Go eat somewhere else, quails!"

Here is sad Rhiannon posing with the netting. We like the name Bird d-fence!

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