Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Better Day

Well, I had a much better day. I was so freaked out after yesterday afternoon - doubting myself, etc. I was getting into this frantic headspace of having to totally change my agenda and do all these things just to entertain the boys.

I had a meeting last night - it is a group of us (women) who get together once a month. Originally we took the Life Skills Facilitator Certificate course together but we have been meeting together (some of us) regularly since then. It started as a work support thing but morphed into a personal support thing. We just check in and they are wonderful women - strong and kind, always an inspiration to me. We have been meeting for years now and it is a really safe place. (I showed them all the pics of the trip last night) Anyway, the reason I mention it is that one of them was a cub leader for many years and loves the scouting program. She was giving me all this advice about what to do and how to handle them and how I had to do all these things - like crafts - with them. I was getting more and more worried because I wasn't sure I could do those things myself, let alone teach them to rambunctious boys. And I realized, in the midst of my fetting, that their parents signed them up for the Inner World art and drama class, not a scout class. Then I just relaxed and realized I just had to make what I do appeal to them. Today's topic was emotion so we painted 1 mask of emotion and did another in pastels. They really got into it and we ended up with only 30 minutes for drama. But even then, I took them through a series of warm ups and actually got them improvising. Of course, it was boy stuff, but still, it was improvising! I had a firm talk with the super-hyper boy who was much better today. He is quite hyper but he is also very affectionate so impossible not to like!

I feel much more satisfied this evening. I have got to go out and buy the t-shirts for tomorrow's activity - they are going to paing a flag for their own Inner World on their t-shirt. Tomorrow's topic is mind.

Here's a funny thing, Sarah. You gave Kaetlyn the same haircut that Erin has! Erin is hoping you will do her hair at the reunion but I told her you might not be doing hair there.

A happier chick out

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