Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Joys of Peri-Menopause

I have been having what I think is peri-menopause for almost a year now. One of the most discouraging part is that my periods (menses) have got closer together. So I actually had 2, week long periods in this month. I had one during the first week and then another on the last week. And it will go on for awhile, having a period every 2 weeks and then suddenly I will have a couple that are the normal 3 weeks apart. It wouldn't be so bad if I had the usual 3 - 4 day period but no, I have the week long, lose half my blood kind. How can my body make just as much blood and stuff in one week less time?!

We have also started the lastest Harry Potter book. Kaetlyn, Drew and I always read it aloud to each other (well, mostly me). We read at least one chapter a day - usually at bedtime. We read more if we all happen to be around home together during the day. Most days so far, we have got in 2 chapters. We read our chapter yesterday while down at the beach. Rhiannon went to a friend's house so the three of us hiked into a beach that she doesn't like very much and swam. It is nice to be able to just swim and do whatever I feel like and not have to worry about her drowning... We did indeed get Subway and had a very nice relaxing time. I snorkled about until my foot started cramping up in the position it was held in by the flipper. Then I played on the air mattress with the kids. The water was a beautiful teal yesterday - almost too beautiful to swim in.

We watched "Mr. 3000" last night. I guess we are on a sports kick. We wanted to get the first 2 episodes of Star Wars but they weren't in - apparantly very popular. We want to watch them before we watch episode 3 because I can't even remember a thing about what happened in them. Especially the last one as I made the mistake of taking Rhiannon who was like 2 at the time and only wanted to run laps around the theatre and play the video games in the lobby... Yep, that one is pretty sketchy. I was in a wheelchair then so it was pretty difficult to chase her without being really anoyingly obvious to all the other movie watchers. I think I spent most of my time in the lobby at the video games (at least her kind of 'playing' them didn't involve copious amounts of change...)

We are going for a hike this morning before it gets too hot. We are hiking down to BX Falls which is a beautiful, mossy, ferny hike and reminds me of places on the coast. Jodi had puppies just as we moved into this house. We tried to keep one (named by Kaetlyn, Captain Jack Sparrow - Jack for short) but he turned out to be large, very territorial and only wanting to be out of doors. And while out of doors, he would dig compulsively and bark incessantly. Also, he was an escape artist and no matter what I did, which hole I plugged, he found a way to get out and his treat of choice was other people's garbage. There is a 4-plex across the street and they had a baby at the time and the poopy diapers were his very fave and he would tear apart all their garbage until he got to them. As you can imagine, he was not very popular with the neighbours and started to get blamed even for things that were not his fault at all - things that happened in the middle of the night (he always slept in Kaetlyn's room). And he seemed to always have a smear of baby pooh on his head or throat. Gross. Anyway, it became unavoidably apparant that he was not the right kind of a dog for our corner lot. Sadly we put an ad in the paper and gave him away to a very good home. They live in the BX and their property backs on this trail we are going to hike this morning so it will be the first time we get to see him again. Actually, I have seen him around town in the back of his new owner's truck. I could tell he was bein well loved and that his new life suited his 'talents' much better than our home did. We are having a very nice long week end just doing things around here.

Catchya latah

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