Monday, July 11, 2005

Toes Like Sausages

I don't know what it was, chronic lack of sleep, dehydration, or just travelling, but by the time I got home yesterday, my toes were like sausages. Funny because my feet have only swelled up THAT big when I was pregnant. It is disorienting to look down and see mishapen feet and ankles.

When Amay says she is not the one to write about the bike hike, I don't know who would be. This blog is only for my sisters and you were there (except Sarah who we told all about it and except Martha who doesn't have a computer) So I will not be describing it here, either. I can say this. I had the most amazing birthday. It was perfect - exactly what I wanted - better even that I had hoped. It brings tears to my eyes and goose flesh to my arms just reflecting on it now. Unlike some eldest children of 12 who might think that their parents had too many children or feel cheated or whatever, that was not me. I prayed for all of you. I wanted every one. Especially sisters. I loved you all always. I am sure you remember even after I left home, I wrote to you and sent you little things like balloons and pencils, etc. from BYU and then when I lived closer again, I would have you over to my house. I look back on those times with only fondness. I missed you all so terribly much; you will never know. It was so healing to be there with all of you. Bethany and Amy, it was especially significant to have you there so that we actually got to know something of each other and to begin our experiences of each other. Maybe one day you will even want me to sing to you (hehe). I was so proud of you both.

Although I longed for sisters and was ecstatic when I finally got one and then two and so on, I was so much older that I didn't really get to have what 'the brothers' had. I always felt kind of alone at the top. It was so wonderful to be together as adults and relate to each other as equals (even if I am still the bossiest). I loved it. Every single minute. (and I was not testy - that is how one talks when one is pulling almost EVERYTHING) ;-) And I don't feel alone anymore. Thank you so much for coming with me - for celebrating my 40th birthday with me. (and I don't have a bounteous bosom) (it's just average)

So I got back to the real world of my life. I taught my first day of summer camp this morning. The topic for this week is "Inner World Explorers". I had 2 three year olds and Rhiannon. I was hoping for more - 1 cancelled at the last minute and I wasn't here to beat the bushes last week. But they are all sweet children and I was really glad there was only 3 this morning... I was still so tired! So todays topic was our bodies and bugs. So we learned about muscles and talked about all the things we can do with our bodies and how to look after our bodies and we watched a video about bugs and coloured some pictures and went for a walk. Tomorrow we will learn about snakes and our emotions and go for a little hike on an old volcano right downtown Vernon not far from our school and look for bugs and snakes and cacti and marmots. Should be fun.

I came home and slept for 3 hours. I feel much better now. I am taking my film in to get it developed today. I will make copies for everyone. (Laura, have you taken your film in yet) (I hope you got the right tone of voice on that!) And Mom wants a written record of our trip. So here is what I was thinking. I'll start and get down the basics of what happened and my take on it and then we will pass it around and we can all add our own perspective. Everyone will have a distinctly different font for their part so we can interrupt and correct each other just like in real life. Only one rule - you can't erase what someone else wrote. Then Laura and I can include some pics for mom and I'll do it up in an album and bring it to the family reunion for her. What do you think?

This is probably way too long of a post but I am just enjoying so much the feeling of being connected to my sisters again.

Love you all! Chick out.

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