Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I am wondering when I will stop being tired. Monday and today I had 3 hour naps and I have had a full night's sleep inbetween and still I am dragging my butt. Today I took my little campers to Polson Park where we watched the ducks and shared our snack with them (we learned about how they don't get wet not matter how much time they spend in the water) and we went to see the beaver dam on the creek and played in the playground briefly. When we got back to the school, they were all rather crabby and ready for a nap. Rhiannon and I slowly trudged home on foot and stopped for lunch at a soup place. She loves going out for lunch - it makes her feel so grown up, I think.

I miss Kaetlyn. She canvasses with me for window washing and just having her with me makes it easier to do. Last night I went out for 45 minutes and didn't get anything (that only happens when she is not here) and I decided we needed a day off - it has just been run, run, run since 2 weeks before I left for my little holiday - then my holiday itself was jam packed and I had to hit the ground running as soon as I got home. I thought we could go to the beach this afternoon but instead, I slept and it wasn't really sunny, either. I still haven't been swimming yet this year. And now I have to go canvassing again tonight and I didn't get anything done that I wanted to. There are no groceries in the house and the carpet is matted with dog hair and the bathrooms are disgusting...

I read the Secret Life of Bees on the bus coming home - it was really good - fitting after the time with my sisters. It isn't about sisters exactly but it is about women looking after each other and mothering each other. And it is about the feminine divine which I am very interested in. I miss all of you. It was hard coming home. It was so good just to be with you. I am yearning for you - perhaps that is the hardest thing to recover from. Sometimes on the trip I would watch you all and just be smiling cornily to myself in sheer bliss. You each should come and visit me, now. There should be a law about how long you are allowed to go without seeing sisters...

Well, I guess I had better get off the computer and buy some groceries.

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