Friday, July 29, 2005

I keep forgetting to mention that I got my hair cut - a week ago. Nothing really dramatic - just my usual hair cut but it had been since October so it was quite over grown. It gets so dry on the ends and then the curl turns into kinks and just kind of sticks out instead of rounding nicely. So it is a bit more curly and definitely lighter.

I picked my first tomatoe today. I love it when I can eat from my garden. My other vegetable garden beds are begging to be weeded but I got stung the other day while trying to trim the hedge around the garden area and I think there is a yellow jacket nest somewhere in the hedge or the compost or ground around there and now I am afraid to go over there. Yellow jackets are so aggressive...

I finally finished writing up our tale of the bike trip "The Sister's Marvellous Adventure". I will circulate it and you can all add your 2 cents worth (as they say). I just want to scan a few more pictures and add them in. Then when it is all done (and written on by everyone) I will have it printed up and give it to Mom. I want to have it done by the FR s0 that means that you all have that long to edit it. Remember the rules: You can't erase anything someone else has written. You can correct and add on and tell a different perspective but you can't erase. I want it to read like we were all there at once, telling the story, interupting, correcting and telling it like it really was. I'll get it sent out this week end. Anyone volunteering to go next?

I've had several new clients this week. This unusual because I don't advertise anymore (haven't for years) but only do word of mouth. So the counselling I do is usually in spurts when someone I have seen before has a crisis. But this week I saw 3 new clients. I've enjoyed it. I learn something about myself each time I do a counselling session.

Its hot here today - really hot. I think we will do Subway and head down to the beach for dinner and play in the water. Wish you were all here to come along...

happy chick out

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